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The Northern Trip - Vacation and Fun Days in Israel

"The Northern Trip" (Israel), is a company engaged in the production of fun days and vacations in the north of Israel.


We specialize in:

·        Events production 

·        Vacations and fun days

·        Tours and seminars

·        Conferences


Our company is located in the heart of the Upper Galilee (Moshav Beit Hillel), our uniqueness is in planning activities and attractions for original fun days and vacations. 


We always think outside the box to create a perfect experience!


One of the main goals of the company is to fulfill dreams, to innovate, to excite and to create a real connection between us and the customer, and even more among the employees. We work in cooperation with company management desire to understand the human resource needs and to provide features for each activity takes place outside the office.



Among the activities that will form your vacation:

Exciting bike tours along the banks of the galilee rivers, tours and hiking  in the north of Israel, rafting and kayaking,self driving in jeep and rangers, exciting workshops and lectures, horseback riding, activities and fun, dining area and many treats.



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Northern trip - fun days and vacation packages in North

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