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The Northern Trip - Vacation and Fun Days in Israel



The North Trip Company is located in the scenic area of Upper Galilee near picturesque rivers, including the Hazbani, Banias, Dan and the Jordan.


Our Company specializes in providing unique learning experiences  and activities to build leadership and teamwork skills in an atmosphere of adventure and fun. 



Have you ever heard of Ein Qiniyye?

North Trip offers a look back in history at a Druze Village.  Your group will be provided with a tour and specialized Druze lunch at Ein Qiniyye.

Ein Qiniyye is a picturesque village in the foothills of Mt. Hermon, overlooking Qala'at Namrud (Nimrod's Fortress), a place that was at the crossroads of commerce throughout history and remains so today. Our tour leader will discuss the Druze nation, spirituality, religion, history and present day relationship with Israel. 


Optional Meals:


Druze Home Visit and Meal


A selection of delicious homemade food customized for your group


Vegetarian menu

Varieties of salads:

Tabouli, vegetable, fattoush, hummus, falafel, pickles, olives

Cooked dishes:

Majudara – burghul with lentils

Kabsa – rice and vegetables with Damascus spices

Stuffed dishes:

Grape leaves – stuffed with rice, cabbage leaves – stuffed with burghul

Cold drinks: water, limonana

Hot drinks:  Herbal tea, coffee

Dessert:  Baklava, seasonal fruits


Skewers of veal filet, pullet, kababs


Kosher meal available upon request. 

For more information please  contact us.  We can customize trips to meet the needs of your group.

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